Posted by DashPayroll on 08/31/2018

Posted on August 31, 2018 Updated on September 3, 2018


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often have a few numbers of employees, but these employees have huge amounts of task needed to be done. 1 in every 6 companies in the Philippines processes their outputs manually. It requires a person to multitask and be an extraordinary employee. However, this leaves the HR stressed and may be left de-motivated in the long run.

payroll stress

Do you or your employees' experiences like this? 


The manual payroll system is the cheapest method of payroll process using the spreadsheet and input data one by one. You will need to calculate the income and deductions which take plenty of your time, especially if you have a hundred numbers of employees as your organization grow. However, manual processing is prone to mistakes. Errors can lead to a myriad of problems, including the decrease in employees’ satisfaction due to the delayed distribution of salary.  


Instead of manually inputting the data, there are automated payroll systems that can put an end to our stressful payroll days. Instead of keeping dozens of files and spending plenty of time calculating, all you need to do is to type a bit, click, and print. Now that's a payroll done in a dash!


Such a system like DashPayroll can help you avoid human errors and make the payroll process easier. There are lots of systems available that makes DashPayroll an attractive option with virtually cheaper cost, especially for small businesses. This is a great investment because, in the end, you and your human resource team will be more productive and become a great definition of extraordinary employee and the business itself. 


Everyone uses technology to have a guaranteed accurate processing. As this undergo breakthrough, we must adapt to the trend. Things have become simpler and easier, and SMEs must take advantage of it. 


In conclusion, streamlining your payroll system will save you a plenty of time to get done with some of your pending tasks, and from headaches from the problems you usually encounter every pay cycle.



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