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You will get a 15 days free trial of DP and learn how Dashpayroll can help you run your business smoothly.

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Ms. Deborah Peralta
Ground Spealist Inc.
"The system is user friendly. Mas napadali yung pag process ng payroll. We’re using manual before and we input the DTR from time to time, but by using DASHPAYROLL it became easier for us to process everything. I will surely recommend the system."

Frequently Asked Questions

DashPayroll Technical Support

Yes, DP has a back up and restore feature.

DashPayroll Technical Support

Yes, just the authorized person and another assistant. That 2 access comes free but adding another access will also incur cost on a monthly basis.

DashPayroll Technical Support

Yes, you can avail a free demo, commitment free, just fill up the demo application form in the DashPayroll Website.

We can come to your office or come to ours on a scheduled basis.

DashPayroll Technical Support

Yes, we have already configured DP to reflect the latest regulation affecting the computation of withholding tax on compensation.

DashpPayroll Technical Support

Dashpayroll supports with regular working days from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

DashPayroll Technical Support

It depends on what kind of issues may encounter, our support is available via phone and email but if the issue needs to check physically we recommend using team viewer so we can reach you wherever you are as long as you have internet.

DashPayroll Technical Support

Dashpayroll provides 6 tickets for you in 1 year regardless of the subscription and after that 1st year of staying with us, technical support will only be billed upon need at a minimal cost.


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